Anti-Aging Skin Care

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Eyelid Hygiene

Never use oil-free makeup removers. These ingredients strip the healthy oils from the delicate skin around your eyes. Approved removers include coconut oil and lid-specific hygiene products (OcuSOFT, Zocular).


The natural eyelash has been perfected to whisk away debris and prevent dry air from contacting the ocular surface. Lengthening them with eyelash extensions causes turbulent air flow that increases debris contact and evaporation of your tear film. Not to mention, the chemicals in adhesives and eyelash tints create havoc for the eye and potential sight-threatening allergic reactions.

Don’t feed those Demodex eye mites’s bacteria in your makeup! Always replace mascara every 1-3 months. Stay away from popular lash boost serums that use a prostaglandin or synthetic prostaglandin (bimatoprost, isopropyl cloprostenate). These ingredients can change eye color, darken eyelids, cause redness, and harm your vital eyelid glands.


Never apply eyeliner to the lid margin, also known as “water-lining” or “tight-lining”. This obstructs the gland openings and causes vital anatomy to atrophy over time. Steer clear of permanent eyeliner tattoos because the tattoo ink depletes essential oils that keep your tear film from evaporating quickly.


Loose eyeshadow can flake off and imbed micro-shards into the delicate tissues that contact your eye. Prevent this mayhem by avoiding eyeshadow with glitter and sparkles, using a primer, and inserting contact lenses or a drop of artificial tear before applying eyeshadow.