Comprehensive Eye Exams
We provide state-of-the-art comprehensive eye exams to evaluate your eye health and give you an accurate eye glass prescription to ensure you are seeing your best. We examine the ocular surface and tear film to ensure stable clear vision all day. We offer wide-angle digital retinal examination to evaluate the health of the back of the eye often without pupil dilation.
Glaucoma detection during comprehensive eye exam:

  • Glaucoma is the most common cause of irreversible blindness
  • It is estimated that 79.6 million individuals have glaucoma in 2020
  • At least, half of those with glaucoma are unaware that they are affected.
  • Glaucoma is usually asymptomatic until it causes severe vision loss or severe ocular pain.
Eye Cancer detection during comprehensive eye exam:

  • Melanoma can start in the retina and spread to other parts of the body, which is life-threatening. Retina examination is recommended every 1-2 years depending on your risk factors.
Retina Detachment:

As we age, the gel inside the eye starts to separate from the retina. As it separates, it can cause retina breaks which can lead to retinal detachment. It is important to have a retina exam every 1-2 years depending on your personal risk factors.