General Questions:

What are SynergEyes Lenses?

SynergEyes Contact Lenses are hybrid lenses that have a rigid center with a soft skirt. These medical devices require proper evaluation and are prescribed by a licensed and skilled eye care practitioner.

Who can wear SynergEyes lenses?

There are many applications for SynergEyes lenses ranging from managing certain eye diseases and irregular corneas to correcting common causes of blurry vision. To know if you are a candidate for scleral lens wear, ask your eye care practitioner or contact lens specialist!

What is the typical SynergEyes lens prescribing process like?

Prior to SynergEyes lenses prescribing, an ocular health examination is needed to determine if SynergEyes lenses are appropriate. To help design the lenses, measurements of the eye surface are taken, and diagnostic lenses may be applied to determine the initial lens specifications. Lens parameter changes may be made until the optimal prescription is achieved. It can take 2-5 fitting visits to achieve optimal fit.

How long will my lenses last?

If cared for properly, most SynergEyes lenses are expected to last 6 months.

How do I store back-up lenses?

Once the fitting is complete, your eye care provider will order your second set of lenses. The second set of SynergEyes lenses should be marked on the box with the date you should open them and start wearing them. To ensue they stay sterile, do not open them until you are ready to start wearing them.

How long are my SynergEyes lenses under warranty?

The initial lens is under warranty for 90-days. The second pair lens is under warranty for 6 months. For this reason, it is important to open your second set 2 weeks before the 6-month time frame to ensure there are not defects or issues with the lens. Alert your eye care provider immediately if there are any issues or defects with your SynergEyes lenses and do not wear them if they are uncomfortable.

How often do I need to see my eyecare provider?

This is patient dependent. SynergEyes lenses are often fit on irregular and diseased eyes, so it is important to evaluate the long-term health of the eye while wearing scleral lenses. Please discuss your follow up care with your eye care practitioner.

Lens Cleaning & Handling Questions:

How do I insert & remove my SynergEyes lenses?

Insertion Video

Removal Video

Do I need to clean my lenses every night?

Yes! Cleaning the lenses with an approved solution removes deposits from the lens surface and kills microbes that potentially cause eye infections.

Why do I need to use preservative-free solution to fill the lens?

There is minimal tear exchange when the lens is on the eye. Long-term exposure to preservatives can cause a sensitivity or toxicity to the cornea resulting in redness and irritation.

Can I rinse my lenses with tap water?

No. Even tap water can harbor pathogens including Acanthamoeba, the dangerous amoeba that can cause painful, vision threatening eye infections. It is recommended to rinse lenses with non-preserved sterile saline.

Can I use eyedrops with my lenses?

If you require eye drops for conditions such as glaucoma or allergies, it is recommended they be instilled at least 5 minutes prior to application of the lenses or after lenses are removed.

Can I wear makeup or face creams with my lenses?

Yes, but apply lenses prior to using makeup or facial products. If these products come in contact with the lens surface, it can disrupt the quality of vision.

How long should my applicators last?

Inserters should be replaced every 3 months, or sooner as needed.

SynergEyes Lens Wear Questions:

How many hours per day is it safe to wear SynergEyes lenses?

After an initial adaptation period when you are gradually building up your wear time, the lenses can be worn for the full day. Keep in mind that every person is different, and no lens should be worn if it becomes uncomfortable, painful, or if the eye becomes red and irritated. Ultimately, your wear time should be determined by you and your eye doctor.

How do I know if there is air bubble under the lens?

If you apply the lens and notice that your vision is blurry or the lens feels uncomfortable, you may have an air bubble trapped underneath. Sometimes you can see the bubble if you look in the mirror, but other times you cannot. If you think there is a bubble, remove the lens and reapply it.

Is it safe for me to sleep in my SynergEyes lenses?

No. Sleeping in lenses reduces oxygen transmission to the eye. This can cause swelling of the cornea and the abnormal growth of blood vessels into the cornea.

Lens Removal Questions:

What if I cannot remove my SynergEyes lens?

First, try not to panic. We understand it is stressful not being able to get a lens out of your eye, but if you remain calm and are careful with your placement of the plunger you will almost always be able to remove the lens. Be sure that you are placing your fingers close together at 5 & 7 o’clock on the lens and pinch.

If you still cannot get the lens off using this method, try placing a tissue over your thumb and finger to help grip the lens.

For Additional lens removal tips

If you have tried these removal techniques and still cannot remove the lens, call our office to get in for professional assistance. If it is after hours, call 720-384-5915.

I can see a ring on my eye after removing the lens. Is this normal?

Yes, it is normal. We call it an impression ring. Like when you remove a watch or a pair of socks, there is often an impression in the tissue due to the placement of a device. This is not a problem and should disappear within about 5 minutes. If, however, you experience a significant amount of redness in this area after removing the lenses, especially if it persists after a few minutes, talk to your eye doctor, as this may indicate that the lens is fitting too tightly.